Why us?

About UNT

”Nicolae Titulescu″ University has distinguished itself as an authentic, serious and widely appreciated higher education institution among the other universities which exist in our country.

Ever since it was set up the university has benefited from elite teaching staff and the activity it has pursued so far can be coined by two words: quality and exigency. In fact, our graduates have proved this at their workplaces where they are appreciated for the professional activity they perform.

The particular concern for excellence and the exigencies of our contemporary society have determined us to strive to offer students and the teaching staff the best conditions for studying and working. The university has new and modern premises in which there are large amphitheatres and seminar rooms, well equipped laboratories, a library supplied with the latest publications, Internet connection etc. All of these facilities create a proper environment for performing quality teaching and scientific activities.

We intend to confirm the fame that ″Nicolae Titulescu″ University presently enjoys – fame which is mirrored by its accredited study programmes – so that our university will not only maintain but also increase its prestige.

Our slogan is and will always be: quality education, professionalism and exigency.

Set up in 1990 as a private higher education institution, ”Nicolae Titulescu” University is accredited by Law No. 241 which was published in the Official Gazette of Romania No. 291 30th of April 2002.

Starting with the academic year 1999-2000 the university has benefited from the new premises which are set up in Bulevardul Vacaresti (Timpuri Noi Underground Station) and which are designed as a modern university campus with high standard facilities.

The university has three faculties: The Faculty of Law, The Faculty of Economic Sciences, the Faculty of Social and Administrative Science.

In pursuing its entire activity the University observes the Romanian Constitution and laws in general, as well as the laws on education, in particular, including the normative acts adopted by the Ministry of Education; the university also abides by the principles provided by “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, adopted by the United Nations Organization in 1948 and it adheres to “The Lima Declaration on Academic Freedom and Autonomy of Institutions of Higher Education” (1988) and to “The Magna Charta of European Universities” (Bologna, 1988).

The university pursues its activity in accordance with the principle of university autonomy, which is in accordance with the Romanian constitutional principles comprised in the Law on Education no. 1/2011, in other normative acts, as well as in its own regulations.

The university complies with democratic values and the rule of law and it promotes them in Romanian society. The university is apolitical and it does not allow for any political adherence – no matter the ideological doctrine or practice – to be involved in the educational process.