Erasmus Curriculum Administrative Sciences and International Relations*

First Semester

Courses** Professors**
Epistemology of Social Sciences Lecturer Mihai Novac
European Public Policy and Programme Evaluation Lecturer Mirela Cerkez
Globalism and Globalization Lecturer Diana Elena Neaga
Government and Governance in the European Union Lecturer Mirela Cerkez
History of Political Thought Lecturer Valentin Quintus Nicolescu, PhD
Introduction in Public Policies Lecturer Diana Elena Neaga
Political Ideologies Lecturer Valentin Quintus Nicolescu, PhD
Political Philosophy Lecturer Mihai Novac
* Teaching arrangements: Tutorial.
Individual sessions with a professor and his assistant (maximum 10 hours), seminar paper (approximately 15 pages) and its presentation, and written and oral exams. Language of instruction: English. Each course has 6 ECTS.
Please note that for the second semester no courses are offered in English.
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