European Public Policy and Programme Evaluation

European Public Policy and Programme Evaluation provides students with theoretical and methodological instruments designed to assess the value and impact of EU policies and programmes, to identify their shortcomings and reliable ways to tackle them.

Course subjects:
– evaluation theories and models;
– the advantages and limits of each evaluation approach;
– interpretations over the relation between evaluation and governance using political science concepts such as legitimacy, public choice, accountability, participation, etc;
– incorporating developments in social sciences into the evaluation of EU policies and programmes;
– being able to select and/or adapt an evaluation model according to a specific evaluation situation.

Thus, the students will be able to develop a critical and productive style in analyzing the social phenomena, the change processes and the public decisions. Such competences and abilities may be used by EU and nation-state actors who are involved in policy formulation, implementation and/or evaluation or by programme or project implementers of all kind.