Globalism and Globalization

The main objectives of this course are to familiarize students with the concepts and theories of globalization, and in the same time with the major debates in the field. In order to do that the main issues approached are: 1. Globalism and globalization: definitions, debates and controversies; 2. Globalization and related process: imperialism, colonialism, development, Americanization; 3. Political globalization and global government; 4. Globalization and economic process (Breton Woods, GATT, IMF, WB, neoliberalism, inequalities and critics); 5. Rethinking sovereignty in a global context – managing violence in a global world; 6. Culture and identity in a global world; 7. Rethinking citizenship in a global world; 8. High-Tech Global Flows and Structures; 9. Global Environmental Flows.