European Union Policies

Objectives of the course: knowledge, understanding, studying thoroughly, acquiring information and the preparation to apply the information on the European Union policies; on the fundamental rights in the European Union and in addition the study of the European law, the peculiarity and the specifically mechanisms of the EU policies; the understanding of the Member State status with rights and obligations (judicial dimension).
The European Union policies contribute, essentially, to understanding the Romanian place and role in the European concert of all Member States concerning our all rights and obligations.
The course The European Union policies presents and proposes for the students a debate on: the common trade policy, the common transport policy, the common agricultural policy, the common foreign and security policy etc.

The purpose of the course is to focus on the understanding of the importance of the European Union policies knowledge in the perspective of Romania’s integration to the European Union, of the position, interests and content of obligations of the Romanian administrative and judicial authorities as a result of the accession to the EU.